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Veerayuth Punnium

Chief Product Officer

Veerayuth Punnium is RiverSync's Chief Product Officer and co-founder.

Prior to founding RiverSync in April 2015, Veerayuth had more than 30 years of experience in designing machinery and residential air conditioners (since 1982), having been in charge of designing machines in the air conditioner parts manufacturing process. Machines in every step of the air conditioner assembly process As well as product design of air conditioners for many leading companies in Thailand, Is the pioneer in designing products called Micro Data Center (MDC) in Thailand for over 5 years by starting to design and manufacture for Hitachi (Japan) to opened the MDC market as the first in Thailand.

Veerayuth earned an his degree of Vocational Certificate in Mechanical from Minburi Technical College.

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